Dan Kaighen
Pastor Dan Kaighen

A Great Church in Norwalk, CT with an active Youth Program, Teen Ministry, and Young Singles group.

Lighthouse Baptist Church has a passion for God.

Lighthouse Baptist Church. 4 Bayne St. Norwalk Connecticut.
Lighthouse Baptist Church. 4 Bayne St. Norwalk Connecticut.

We are widely known as Norwalk Connecticut’s Bible-Believers

Pastor Dan Kaighen preaches the priceless perfect pure preserved Word of God in the pulpit.

and The people want it so.

The Lord has added His blessing.


Pastor Dan Kaighen
Dan Kaighen

Recent Great Bible  Sermon  Series from the pulpit have included “Priceless Proverbs,” “I Peter’s End-Time Truths,”  “Standing against Satanic Attacks” and other helpful  topical messages.

Currently we are studying “The Love of God” on Sunday Mornings.  The Bible is so full of how much God loves us, even when we question His great love, and even if we don’t love Him back.

Sunday evenings we are studying the end-time Bible prophecies ESPECIALLY relating to the “ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State, and their most recent Caliphate”.

We are an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church serving the people of Fairfield County, CT.

Translated, that means that there is NO organizational structure or body or group over this local church.  We are not a member of ANY association, fellowship, or convention. In the truest sense of the definition, we are an autonomous church.

Socially, we are a VERY diverse congregation.  Man sees the outside, but God sees the heart… and we strive to be like the Lord. Our congregation reflects the city of Norwalk very closely.

Prayerfully consider coming.  And bring your Bible with you.

4 Bayne St. Norwalk CT 06851