Asean-Eec Cooperation Agreement

In 1996, the EU and ASEAN-3 (China, Japan and Korea) founded the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and held the first summit in Thailand. The summit set out a broad and ambitious agenda for future EU-Asia cooperation in a number of areas and discussed new areas of cooperation, such as solving global problems and strengthening ASEAN`s regional integration initiatives. [13] a). The Community recognises that ASEAN is a developing region. The Community welcomes and will encourage any positive steps of ASEAN in order to strengthen its regional cooperation.b). In parallel with the projects proposed by the various countries, the Community will take all possible measures to strengthen its support for ASEAN regional projects as part of its programme for non-associated developing countries. ASEAN is committed to working closely with the Community to facilitate the identification and implementation of regional projects. The Community reiterated the activities of the Community and its Member States in the ASEAN region, particularly with regard to ASEAN regional projects.c). The two sides expressed their willingness to cooperate with each other on projects, including food self-sufficiency in ASEAN regions, storage and distribution, rural development, water use, transport and communications.

This development cooperation should include both the programmes needed in the ASEAN Member States and the programmes for the region. Both sides have shown a willingness to strengthen existing cooperation on technology transfer and training assistance. As part of this contact, the Community will continue to fund the current programme of seminars on technology transfers and will expand the training and training programme for scientific, technical, industrial and related staff from ASEAN countries. Ministers stressed the importance of promoting and facilitating closer financial cooperation by encouraging contacts between private and public financial institutions in community member states and the ASEAN region. In recent years, the dynamics of relations between the EU and ASEAN have strengthened. ASEAN and EU foreign ministers have adopted Bandar Seri Begawan`s 2013-2017 Action Plan, which sets out ASEAN-EU cooperation for this period. [17] Support for the ASEAN socio-cultural community is a relatively new but growing area of EU-ASEAN cooperation.