is the special mission projects department of the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Norwalk, CT.  Here, we support non-traditional missions projects.  Basically, through our extensive travels abroad, we locate Bible-believing NATIONALS doing the job for God who need financing.  We raise money for Bible-believing, soul-winning, church planting, family-oriented, Godly-living people.

American christians want to know:  “Who can I trust” with my world-evangelism missions dollars?  We feel the exact same way.  That’s why we have spent years visiting, examining, and getting to know people before recommending them to you for support.  We are in constant email, text, and WhatsApp contact with these guys.  They send us photos, report of their activities, and regularly communicate their results.

New believers in India
Orphanage in India
New church property in Mexico
Youth Rally in India
New church in Palenque, Mexico

You can give to this great ministry through various on-line portals, but they all will take out 2.99% or greater for their services.   Click on the link below to see our  pages

Moreh India Orphanage

Brand New Church in Palenque, Mexico

You can also give the old fashioned way by sending a paper check through the mail to our church,

Lighthouse Baptist Church,   4 Bayne Street,   Norwalk, CT  06851

There are no fees incurred with a mailed check.  Your donation is completely tax deductible and you will receive a paper statement at the end of the year (before January 30) for your record of giving from our church office.

You can call or text Pastor Dan Kaighen personally if you wish to discuss how to best get involved.  203-984-zero two five four.

May God bless you for considering this great work.