We are a Great Church for the whole family.
Spirit Filled and Bible Believing
  We love God.  We love the Bible.  We love people.

We believe that every person was created with a God-shaped hole in their heart that only God Himself can fit and fill.  People try to fill that hole with possessions,  pleasures, and all sorts of poison.  But only God can satisfy.  If you still find yourself empty and hollow after searching for meaning and purpose everywhere else, why not come to God through Jesus Christ.  What have you got to lose?



The Pastor

Pastor Dan Kaighen Jr is the new pastor at the Lighthouse. Pastor Dan Kaighen Senior has retired INTO the missions field. Him and his wife are serving the Lord in Mexico supporting local churches, and helping start new churches. They bring Bible to Mexico to giveaway and further the Gospel.

Dan Kaighen Jr grew up in Fairfield County his whole life. God has given him a heart for the people and a burden to see people reached with the Gospel. His wife is Abigail Jo Kaighen. He and his wife have both a daughter and son.

God called him to pastor at the Lighthouse in the middle of a pandemic. His goal is to please God, and follow his calling as he leads at the Lighthouse.

First Visit



Jesus Christ has life, and life abundant for you, all for the taking.

We are a Bible-believing church. You will find that God’s Word is the center of our beliefs.

We are a loving church. It is our desire that everyone who may visit will feel welcomed and involved.

You will find you will fit in nicely at our church because we are ALL sinners coming together to honor and glorify the Lord with singing praises to His name.