Aaron and Hur

Aaron and Hur is our Men’s Prayer Fellowship that lifts up the hands of the Man of God.

The next meeting of the “Aaron and Hur” is Saturday, February 3 at 7 am.  We will meet at the Pastor’s house.  Bring a hearty appetite for a big country breakfast.  Free of charge!


WMS is the “Women’s Mission Society”

Our next scheduled meeting is Saturday, February 3 at 1:30 in the afternoon.  Pastor’s Wife, Sister Carrie, is asking all church ladies to join her in the church Fellowship Hall.  Great things are happening with our missions outreach, and we want everyone to get involved.

Annual Business Meeting

Wednesday Night, December 20, 7:30

We will give 2017 reports and numbers, praises and rejoicing!

Then we will try to approve the new budget and elect officers for 2018!

Let’s all be here and conduct the Lord’s business properly.


Attention Teens and College/Careers

Thursday, December 28 we will be commuting down to New Jersey for an awesome time of festivities and fun and fellowship with other like-minded Bible-Believing young people.  There will be singing and preaching like you have never heard.  Then we will stay up way past midnight and go to a bowling alley, a trampoline park, an ice skating rink, and a roller skating rink.  There is an indoor soccer arena we get to use as well.  Wanna come?  Give $22 to any of our youth pastor or Sunday School Teachers.  They will give you the application/permission form for you and your parents to sign.  Call Will, Joe, Claire, Phyllis, Carrie or the pastor for more info.

Watch Night Service

Sunday night, December 31, from  7pm til midnight.

The first hour of the evening, we will have our regular Bible preaching and singing service.  Then, we will break for food and fellowship following.  Then we will have party games and competitions.  Come prepared to have some fun.  Then we will show the new Christian video called, “War Room”.  It is very humorous and very effective in equipping Christians.  Along about midnight, we will all kneel in thanksgiving for 2017 and beg God for his blessings on 2018.

Thanksgiving Service

7:30 Tuesday night Nov. 21 we will hold our annual Thanksgiving Service.

There will be great singing and  a Bible message along with a lot of testimonies of the goodness of God in our lives.  Join us, won’t you.  Nursery provided for all services.